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Mimosa Hostilis Extraction Process
by Deducer

Last night I finally felt a somewhat significant dose of DMT. The methanol extraction of Mimosa hostilis is the hot ticket. I ground up approximately 11g rootbark in a coffee grinder... it's interesting to note that this stuff, when ground, seems to separate into three components---a coarse, fibrous part that looks a lot like sawdust; dark, little rock-like hard bits; and a large portion of fine pinkish-purple dust. I suspect the vast majority of the alkaloids are in this pink dust.

Anyway, this ground rootbark was soaked in roughly twice its volume of methanol, which in this case was 100 ml. It was soaked for four days, but within the first 24-36 hours it had turned a deep, mysterious burgundy color. It was vigorously shaken often during this soak. This methanol was poured off and saved and another 100 ml of fresh methanol was added to the soaked rootbark. This second extraction was one day long, and the methanol gained nice color but it was noticeably lighter than the first. This was poured off and added to the first extraction, and a third one-day extraction got the last of the good stuff I believe, as the methanol picked up very little color this time.

The combined extracts were adjusted to exactly 300 ml annd 100 ml of water were added and the whole thing poured into a saucepan for evaporation of the methanol underneath the kitchen stove exhaust fan. It took only about 10 minutes before the methanol cooked off. The friend who instructed me on how to do this told me to reduce it down to about 90% of the water amount, but I was really scared about the methanol and wanted to make *damn* sure it was all gone. I reduced it down to just over 50 ml, then turned up the heat for a few seconds of violent boiling which I was pretty sure should flash off any methanol that was left in there. It didn't smell like methanol at all anymore so I was fairly confident. Now it was about 50 ml of a thick dark brown sludge with a a truly bizarre bitter flavor. Mimosa has quite a unique smell and taste.

I mixed a bunch of pancake syrup into it, hoping to drown out the shudderingly bitter alkaloidal ickyness but HA! what a weak concept that was. The syrup couldn't even hope to compete. Still, I find this extract to not be too disgusting. I've tasted worse things (like water extraction of Syrian rue).

I had fasted all day, and a half-hour after a capsule of ~175-200 mg harmala extract, I drank the decoction at 11:15 p.m. I settled down, knowing it would take me 1.5 hours to come on to oral DMT. I was very pleased to note a total absence of nausea or any body load whatsoever from the Mimosa. There was a minor intestinal purge later from the harmala, but that was expected. The DMT came on gradually and very transparently. Unlike a phenethylamine alert, this crept in subtle and tricky, forcing me to double-check whether effects were starting quite a few times even as it was kicking in.

But then it asserted itself and wow!, DMT visuals have their own unique character don't they? Quite different than mushrooms or 2C-B. Things look sort of finely focused and spatially adjusted. They have a playful, unpredictable quality or something. And it was possible to will things to move and morph a bit with a little concentration. Even as I enjoyed the sensation, however, I knew (within 10 minutes or so) that while I had gotten to feel a certain level of effects, the dosage had fallen well short of being enough to take me into what DeKorne calls `the imaginary realms.' It was nothing like the trip experiences I've read about in Hyperreal DMT archives for instance, which is what I keep preparing myself for but not attaining. But this was an excellent reference point for future usage (although of course there's no guarantee that rootbark from future sources will have a similar alkaloid content). Perhaps I'll try 15 or 16g next time.

And the major effects only lasted about 40 minutes before tapering off to almost nothing... or so I THOUGHT. I was starving, and since the huasca didn't bug my stomach and I hadn't eaten all day, I had a few bites of soup, which triggered an unexpected second wave of DMT effects. This time there was a little body load, and I think it was the DMT and the food nutrients fighting it out. The food lost, and I lost the food. :) But it was only a minor episode, I just shouldn't have eaten that soon, that's all. The second wave lasted about 20 minutes.

This experience convinced me that a superior pharmahuasca would be made by boiling off nearly all the water in the above method and spreading the sludge out thin to dry out. It is a very dry plant product, I mean it seems to have no waxes and oils and stuff, so I'm pretty sure that in its dry state the extract would be a clean powder that could be gel-capped. I've been told Moclobemide works very well as an MAOi for oral DMT.

All in all, a very rewarding experiment!

Notes on other methods
by Misc Authors:

Petroleum Ether does not work as a solvent for mimosa extractions.
Chloroform or DCM are considered better solvents for mimosa extractions, but if the pH is too high, it doesnt work well. When extracting using acidic hot water and then basifying with NaOH, pH of 11 is good, 12 is max or difficult-to-resolve emulsions are formed.