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On a Third Day I Regained My Ability to Read
Citation:   Ignashu. "On a Third Day I Regained My Ability to Read: An Experience with Datura (exp114178)". May 22, 2020.

  repeated oral Datura (seeds)
It was a fine Friday day, but I just couldn't shake the boredom off from me since morning, at around 3 PM I decided to go for a stroll, there is a tranquil lake and a forest approximately 4kms away from my house, I had no intentions of getting high or abusing any substance whatsoever.

As I'm walking up to the lake, I can feel myself immersing into a more exhausted and extremely bored state, 10 more minutes and I would've reached the lake, but there I saw this magnificent plant, which I recognized instantly, judging by the shape of leaves it was either Datura Metel or Stramonium, the plant was dead, lucky for me it had dozen of intact seed pods, I kneeled down, opened a single seed pod, loads of seeds poured out of it, I tore a paper from my journal and poured seeds in it, I collected seeds from 3 & 1/2 seed pods and my Datura seed collection was complete (I still have no clue why I needed that much quantity of seeds, but whatever).

I left the plant alone and continued to lake, it was already visible from a distance, that's when I thought to myself: "hell, what's the worst thing that could happen" and ate around 10 seeds, they tasted like a dried out watermelon seeds, I continued walking, but something in my head suggested to eat a few more seeds, so I'm just strolling, approaching the lake and snacking on Datura seeds, I felt a body heaviness, but I wasn't delirious or high. I reached in my pocket to put on my sunglasses, but they were gone, I was certain I had dropped those while collecting the seeds, so instead of walking around the lake, I decided to go back, in hopes of finding my sunglasses. As I'm walking back, I noticed that all this time, I had been snacking on those seeds like they were peanuts, and eventually I was out of them, I knew about the dosage, but it seemed to me that I couldn't stop until I was done.
I knew about the dosage, but it seemed to me that I couldn't stop until I was done.

I could feel my bodyweight multiply, it felt like I was carrying an extra 30kgs with me, I thought that it was nothing, probably physical exhaustion and maybe a little bit of seed poisoning.

It was around 4:50 when I found the seeds, 5:30 when I chugged them all.

On my way back, I may or may not have asked some people about my sunglasses, still not sure, anywho, they had no clue, I felt nauseous.

I approached the place where I found the plant, scouted the area, but found no sunglasses whatsoever, but, BUT I plucked some dead Datura for "later", I'm walking down the road, nothing unusual, body heaviness is somewhat gone, I see a dead cat on the road, not paying much attention to it, cause it was possible, after all, it is a road, in retrospect, it could've been a hallucination.

Luckily I returned to my neighborhood safely, I was physically exhausted and would kill for a smoke, but I had nothing on me except the plant, so I sat on a bench. It was around 6:10, I was all alone and that's when I lost time, I appeared at my apartments doorstep, I didn't feel confused, everything felt ok, I rang the doorbell, my mom opened the door, I greeted her and told her that I was hungry, went in my room and waited for food, meanwhile, I called a friend of mine, told him that I ate loads of datura seeds (apparently he didn't believe), finally the food was ready.

I had no hallucinations, I was just tired, both mentally and physically, cottonmouth intensified, I ate the food, drank different types of liquids, and before going back to my room, asked granny to boil me 3, 4 or 5 potatoes, that's when my mom started noticing things, she asked me what I had taken, I replied: "datura seeds, everything's gonna be ok", needless to say that I thought my speech was fine, but as it turns out, mostly it was gibberish, and mumble, I was speaking like I recently had an aneurysm and was recovering, my mom asked me whether or not she should call an ambulance, that's when I felt that the trip was about to kick in so I obviously replied no, and crawled back in my room.

I laid on bed, now I could relax and "enjoy" the trip, I saw different types of arachnids on the wall, but out of sudden I had to pee, fuck, I got up, went in toilet, very few came out, back in my room, seconds later, this urge to take a leak again? gah, I was growing tired and bored from running back and forth, I couldn't focus on the trip, soon I found out that I literally had no pee left in me, that's when I realized that itprobably was a side effect, back in my room again, laid in my warm bed, took my phone, put on some music and started reading some irrelevant stuff on web, suddenly I heard a loud thunderstorm, I could feel the wind blowing on my face, I turned off the lights, music, devices, now I could really trip out, but my room was still bright blue, I was confused, I looked around, there was a thunderstorm in my room, which was real, I could see the lightning, hear it, hear the sea waves, feel the wind, lightning cracked my ceiling, in a way I was terrified, I saw arachnids coming out of the corners, cracks, making webs, webs were following the direction of a wind, which was blowing right in my face, spiders started their descend, soon they were all over my face, I got out of bed, shaked the spiders off from my face and body, got rid of web, and laid back in bed, thought I'd sleep, that's when caterpillars and different centipedes appeared, I'm scared of those, so I squashed a few with my body, spiders started trapping and rolling dead and alive centipedes in their webs, pulling them up in the ceiling corners, I was delighted that arachnids were helping me, my body was covered in blood, I couldn't sleep like that, plus I felt that I was overheating, so I decided to take a cold shower.

I got off bed, wearing only boxers, my mom was about to take a shower, but apparently, according to her, I kicked her out of bath and went in myself, prior to that we had a conversation about calling an ambulance, which I can't recall at all, seems I was walking around the house, warning my mom, mumbling not to step on the spiders;

I'm in a bath, sitting on a toilet, got rid of an extra weight and went in shower, spiders were there as well, I was fed up, so I washed them off from walls, in other words, made the whole place wet, now I could take a shower, I lost time again, according to my mom, I had started growling and banging on the door, making odd noises, mumbling "spiders, spiders are everywhere", I fell in the bathtub, that's when I regained some fragment of my consciousness, as I'm laying on the bathtub floor, I could feel my body overheat, I was burning up, but I was too tripped out to change the temperature to cold, so o overheated my body even more, I lost time again, now I'm at a bathroom door, naked, except I'm holding a bathroom curtain on my shoulders, using it as a cape, waters still on, the place is drenched, miraculously I managed to open the door, my mom was standing in front of me, looking at her idiot, completely naked, 22 y/o son, who covered his back and arse with a bathroom curtain, in a disgraced manner, my dick dangling around, squatting, trying to pick up non-existent spiders from the floor, yelling, mumbling and warning not to step on them.

I lost time again, my mom told me the following: "as you were trying to pick the spiders up from the floor I grabbed your arm and told you to sober up, you put your jacket on while still wearing the bathroom curtain and left pair of two different flip flops, you yelled at me to leave you alone and that you were going in a climbing gym, I grabbed your arm tighter, then you started freaking out, I couldn't hold onto you, you started running around, growling, screeching, I was scared, in a few minutes an ambulance arrived, you were still naked, running around with a bathroom curtain on your shoulders, swinging your junk around, flirting with the medic, asking them if it was her first year in a med school, we managed to sit you down on chair, you refused to put on clothes, or even a a towel to cover up, your balls were resting on the chair, and your pp was resting on your balls, I felt ashamed for you, you were still flirting her, they injected you with something".

I kind of regained my grasp for reality, I put on a towel on my lap to cover myself up, they measured my heart rate and blood pressure, medic showed me the numbers, I'm in a med school and when I saw that my blood pressure was 80(Sys)-40(Dia) with 180 BPM and a very low saturation, I knew I was fucked and I absolutely had to go with them, friend of mine, to which I called earlier came at my place to accompany me in the hospital, they dressed me up, but for some reason they were putting on an extra pair of socks on me, I thought to myself that they were mad at and just rolled with it, few minutes later I'm ready to go, we're in an ambulance car, my friend is documenting my delirium, I'm seeing spiders, smoking phantom cigarettes, answering medics and my friends questions, feeling great, looking like a total mad man.

We arrive at a hospital, they insisted on doing a transfusion of 2 or 2.5 liters of distilled water, I wasn't violent according to my friend, I was humble, answering all the questions, talking about alkaloids in the plant, their interaction, antidotes, medical and pharmacological stuff, etc.

I was still tripping my balls off after transfusion, I may have been in a hospital room, but to me it was a completely different scenario, every few minutes. I'm in a hospital room, with my friend, in a few seconds I'm in a music recording studio with Bob Dylan, talking, discussing some matters (which I can't FUCKING recall), I'm in a hospital room again, I realize that I'm still tripping, I completely forget the latter, now I'm in a random dark room with some old friends, I turn around, hospital again, I look around, I see my dead friend looking at me, crying, I look around again, I'm at my place, in my room, alone, close your eyes, blink, look around and you're in a completely different place, with different people, back in the hospital room again, I saw that room as a very dark, green, yellowish swamp, with spider webs and surgical tools laying around, I'm sitting on a bed and I start chatting with my friend, who is clearly standing in front of me, for some reason I look to my left, the nurse was standing there with my friend, communicating, I felt confused, looked back, my friend was still standing in front of me, looked to my left again, there was nothing, looked in front of me, a wall, looked on my right, my friend was sitting besides me all the time, I realized that I was still tripping but yet again, the realization was soon gone, different scene again and again.

Lost time.

I'm staring at my friend and the acid burn marks on his arms, it felt weird, I wanted to go for a smoke so bad, so the nurse, my friend and me went out, the way I remember it was that I offered the nurse my red Marlboro, we smoked and went back in, I even remember pulling out the pack and putting it back in my jacket, it felt real, later my friend told me that what happened was the opposite of what I remembered, the nurse gave me a cigarette, cause I didn't have any.

After blood and urine test was done, I wanted to go back home or just out, I insisted that they discharge me, so they did, we were out, at around 3:40 AM, as my friend and I are walking from the hospital to my place, I can clearly feel and see that the trip is still on, my friend told me that I poked him, asked him if he was real, out of context said that "I just don't wanna kill certain people" (weird and creepy), I was walking back at home with my friend and other friends that could not have been there, with us.

As I got home, everyone was asleep, so I quietly creeped in my room, I checked the time, it was 4:25 and I instantly passed out.
I woke up at11:30, well rested, had this really vivid, real dreams that I thought were a part of my trip, I had a really hard time distinguishing between reality and delusions even on 2nd day
I had a really hard time distinguishing between reality and delusions even on 2nd day
, I was still fucking tripping, cause I saw spiders on the walls, less to none centipedes, but a few worms here and there, as I'm sitting on a couch I see how worms are trying to crawl inside of a wooden part of my bed, so I get the lighter and start to burn those mfs, apparently, they were just threads from my bed sheets, my granny stopped me, I couldn't realize that I was tripping, it felt real and I was actually upset that she couldn't see them, after a few minutes I noticed a really large arachnid on the floor, staring at me, it wasn't ordinary arachnid, it had somewhat demonic look to it, so I called granny again, she of course couldn't see it, realization of trip again...

Around 3 o'clock, I started searching for my non-existing cigarettes, which I couldn't find anywhere, but I had those, probably in my dream or delirium, I was so out of touch with reality, I quickly forgot what I was searching for, so I started searching for another, something, what? -no clue.

I went back in my room when I didn't find anything, spiders were still there, big demonic one was there as well, looking at me, but I knew it was a trip, now I was 100% sure, so I closed my eyes, opened them, that's when worms stopped moving around, blinked my eyes a few times, they started crawling back in the floor near the edges of a wall, spiders ascended on the ceiling, rolling up their webs, went through the corner into the roof, it was real, only the big demonic spider was left (I named him the spider overlord) which was staring at me, kind of smiling, then it vanished, everything was over, I felt strange calmness radiate throughout my body, I drank a green tea, and was bummed about my eyesight, I had this partial blindness, I couldn't read, or watch anything for two days, on a third day I regained my ability to read, see and enjoy the not so enjoyable reality, which compared to the trip was very enjoyable.

written according to my family members, friend and my stupid brain which tried its best to recall the memories.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 114178
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: May 22, 2020Views: 22,619
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Datura (15) : Entities / Beings (37), Multi-Day Experience (13), Health Problems (27), Alone (16)

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